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    CENTER FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS AND LASER DENTISTRY Our team at Advanced Dental Associates of East Stroudsburg is dedicated to bringing you exceptional dental service. With the latest dental technology, we utilize art and science to bring patients happier and healthier smiles.

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  • Orthondoctics East Stroudsburg


    Orthodontics uses wire brackets to perfectly straighten the alignment of your teeth. Braces are a popular treatment method to fix misaligned or crooked teeth. Brackets are bonded to your teeth and archwires are threaded through the brackets. The archwires are like a track and they guide each tooth into its proper place. We offer various kinds of orthodontic braces including: metal braces, ceramic “tooth-colored” braces, and clear plastic braces.

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  • Tooth Extraction East Stroudsburg

    Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

    Wisdom teeth can be beneficial to the overall function of your mouth if they develop properly. Often times, wisdom teeth need to be removed. There are various reasons that prompt their removal. They may need to be removed if your jaw isn’t big enough for wisdom teeth or if they have a compact space for development. Often times this causes them to come in misaligned or prevents them from coming in. They can also come in sideways, only half way through your gum, or get stuck beneath your gum and bone.

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  • Dental Implants East Stroudsburg

    Dental Implants

    If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants can be a great restoration treatment option for you. Dental implants improve the look and feel of your smile. They replace and restore the function your teeth without having to deal with the fuss of bridges or dentures.

    Find out if dental implants are the right option for you. Call our experienced staff if you have questions or read more here.

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    We are always eager to work with new patients. We have the desire, drive, and experience to provide you dental service unlike any other. You will feel right at home in our East Stroudsburg office. If you are ready to see what Advanced Dental Associates of East Stroudsburg can do for you, call us today at (570) 424-6560.

  • East Stroudsburg Dentist

    We proudly offer: Sleep Dentistry, Mini Dental Implants, Painless Dentistry, Holistic Dentistry

    We are one of the first American certified providers of All Ceramic Dental Implants, Crowns, and Bridges


    My family and I have been visiting this office for years and we always received excellent service and quality work. They are exceptionally professional, experienced and have the latest technology. We just love them!

    by Ionsky C

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