• Flu Season, Germs, & Your Toothbrush

  • Toothbrush East Stroudsburg dentistAs December comes to a close, we have at least another 2 months of the flu season to look forward to.  According to the CDC the peak of flu season occurs between the months of December and February with the virus spreading as early as October.  The season of germs can extend, however, far into May.  All in all, the flu season is more common during the cold months of the fall and winter, but anyone can get the virus throughout the entire year.  As your East Stroudsburg dentist team, we have some interesting tips to share in preventing the flu and minimizing germs.


    Flu Facts

    • The flu is a contagious virus that spreads from person to person
    • The virus is spread through coughing, sneezing, or talking (spittle)
    • Moist droplets from talking, sneezes, and coughs produced by a sick person land on surfaces and faces and are contracted by anyone within 6 feet
    • It is possible to pass the virus to other people before you even know you are sick
    • The virus can remain on surfaces for over 24 hours
    • Flu season runs October to May


    Avoiding the flu and every surface that is covered in the virus can prove difficult.  However, you can minimize your chances of getting influenza by maintaining a healthy regimen.  At East Stroudsburg dentist, we understand the importance of cleanliness and germ-fighting agents to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to our patients and their families.


    Fight those germs

    • Always wash your hands with antibacterial soap and dry them with a clean towel
    • Wash your hands before you eat or drink anything
    • Double your cleaning effort during the flu months for optimal performance
    • Wipe down surfaces with germ killing cleaning agents
    • Wash your hands after handling a sick person’s laundry, glassware, and tissues
    • Launder linens and towels to shorten the window of the virus

    One of the best ways to protect yourself and your family members and friends from spreading the flu is to change your toothbrush after you get sick or clean it in boiling water.  While it is impossible to know that you might get sick, it is more important that you change your toothbrush out every 4 months or so.  A clean toothbrush reduces the amount of microorganisms and bacteria that are harboring on the bristles.  You can also clean your toothbrushes in boiling water to rid the handle and bristles of any looming viruses.

    When you properly clean the surfaces you touch on a daily basis, like phones, plumbing fixtures, door handles, and tables, you can reduce the amount of germs that spread from person to person.  Additionally, with a clean toothbrush, you minimize the amount of germs you put in your mouth from previous illnesses.

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