• Tips for a Cavity-Free Valentine’s Day

  • Oral Health - East Stroudsburg dentistValentine’s Day is fast approaching, and similar to Halloween, candy seems to be in no short supply.  At our East Stroudsburg dentist office, we understand the challenge you face when purchasing a gift for your loved ones.  However, rather than contributing to the risk of cavities forming, why not opt for a healthier option?  You’ll reduce the temptation of nibbling on chocolate throughout the day and keep your teeth healthy and clean.

    In order to give you a few ideas to get you started, we’ve compiled a brief list of ways you and those you hold dear to you can celebrate.

    • Fresh flowers – A spring bouquet or grouping of wild flowers can show your affection.  No need to break the bank with roses.  Set your budget and ask your local florist for ideas.
    • Homemade cards – Store bought cards are great and convenient but a homemade card offers a personal touch.  Have your children help as this can be a great family activity.
    • Breakfast in bed – Heart-shaped fruit or pancakes, or bacon and eggs can start your morning off right.  Better yet, anyone of any age can appreciate the special attention.
    • Check off your to-do list – If your spouse has been on you to finish a task or two, set to work accomplishing the job as a gift.
    • Watch a movie – Cuddle up with your family in front of your television or venture out to the movies.  If you can’t resist the popcorn, remember to floss when you get home!
    • Make dinner – If you aren’t the primary chef in the family, Valentine’s Day is a great way to show you notice the effort that goes into cooking.  Plan a meal that you can handle and surprise your sweetheart.


    Moderation is Important

    Of course, chocolate just may be impossible to ignore.  It is, after all, delicious and certain types actually have some nutritional benefits.  At our East Stroudsburg dentist office we believe anything in moderation is okay.  Just remember to brush and floss your teeth so the sticky sugars of the chocolate don’t harm your oral health with unwanted cavities.  This Valentine’s Day you may want to make sure your teeth are at their best with a quick Dental Exam and Cleaning so bad breath doesn’t get in the way.

    Chocolate has been the basis for celebrations and love dating back to the Mayan and Aztec cultures.  Once reserved only for royalty, the Spanish were responsible for taking the frothy, chocolate drink of the Mesoamericans and introducing it into the European culture.   The chocolate we know today has evolved, and when wrapped in a heart-shaped box, is sure to bring a smile.  Yet, to keep your oral health in good shape, take a pass on the sweets this year and shower your sweetheart with love utilizing any of our East Stroudsburg dentist healthy suggestions.  Visit our Facebook page for more tips on oral hygiene and your health.