• Celebrating Children’s Dental Health in February

  • Children's oral healthIt’s not too late to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month.  In fact, it’s the perfect time to start if you haven’t already.  At our East Stroudsburg dentist office we celebrate everyone’s oral health, but the earlier you begin promoting oral care with your children in mind, the better they’ll be set up for success. 

    Every single child is different.  Some activities that engage one child may not entertain another.  Aside from our Pediatric Dentistry service, your child should be learning how to care for their teeth.  Pick a few options that may inspire your young children to love brushing and flossing and keep at it until you find one that works.  Here are just a few ideas that we’ve seen over the years:



    Books are great forms of entertainment and teaching aids.  A trip to the library can introduce children into the world of literature.  As a bonus, reading for 20 minutes each day with your child can improve their reading level and build confidence.  Pick a book that is age appropriate and covers the topic of dental hygiene.  After you’ve read the book, encourage your child to brush and floss like the characters did in the book.  A favorite in our East Stroudsburg dentist office is Doctor DeSoto.



    Dental technology is more than just the advancements in same-day crowns and teeth whitening services.  Now you can get a toothbrush that works in tandem with an app on your tablet.  The app interacts with your child’s brushing and flossing.  There are many apps to choose from, so work with your child to find one that suits them best.  These apps are great for teaching children how to brush their teeth and for how long.



    Just like songs that taught us the days of the week or our ABC’s, a song can teach your children how to brush their teeth.  The Internet is full of ideas and together you and your child can learn a song that will make them smile while brushing and flossing.  You can also make one up and giggle at the way it sounds while brushing your teeth.



    Games like ‘Simon says’ can let you and your child brush and floss together.  ‘Simon says, brush your left incisor.’ ‘Simon says, brush your right molars.’  You don’t have to know your anatomy of the mouth, but it can be fun and you could be raising a future dentist.


    Nighttime Routines

    If your bedtime struggles for peace are an issue, change up the routine, or establish a new one.  Young children respond well to order.  Start with bath time and brushing and flossing.  Then, tuck them in and together read a bedtime story.  A silly song or calming lullaby will bring smiles in their dreams and a restful night’s sleep.


    We’d love to know what works for your child.  In honor of National Children’s Dental Health, our East Stroudsburg dentist and staff is happy to provide tips that promote oral hygiene while getting your children excited about teeth.  An early beginning into oral health care leads to a long-lasting love for your health.  Share your ideas with us on Facebook or at your next appointment.  We look forward to seeing you soon.