• Sports, Children, and Safety Equipment

  • Mouthguards Pediatric DentistryThe spring season is here and kids throughout the country are gathering their gear and getting ready to head outdoors to the practice fields.  While their sport of choice may vary, as a parent, you want them to be as safe as possible.  So what steps can you take to ensure your child is safe while still enjoying their activities?  Our East Stroudsburg dentist has created a brief list that will help everyone prepare for the competition.



    Many sports require a helmet.  A helmet protects their head and reduces the potential of acquiring a concussion.  Helmets should be used if required as part of a sport uniform and also when biking, skating, and skateboarding.  Choose a helmet designed for your child’s sport and reach out to the coach or athletic director with questions.



    Knee and elbow pads can protect joints from hard impacts.  Require pad usage for skating, spring skiing, skateboarding, volleyball, and with any other activity where speed and accidental falls are a possibility.


    Shin guards

    Soccer, lacrosse, and ball players typically wear shin guards to protect leg bones from unintentional kicks and stray balls.  Young children may find them uncomfortable at first, so it is worth a few extra moments to try on various sizes and styles until they find a pair that works for them.



    Every sport should require the use of a mouthguard.  As an East Stroudsburg dentist to many young athletes, we’ve seen our share of injuries to teeth.  Mouthguards are used to protect teeth and have been found to lessen bone damage caused from impacts.  Athletes often clench their jaw when they participate in sports; whether from the thrill of the competition, or from focused concentration.  When an impact to the head occurs, the damage to bones and teeth is worse if not protected with a mouthguard.   A mouthguard cushions the mouth from impacts and reduces the risk of injury.


    Call our East Stroudsburg dentist if you have questions about mouthguards for your child.  We can custom make a mouthguard specifically for your child’s mouth or make suggestions based on their oral treatment plan and sport.  Our pediatric dentistry services will ensure your child’s mouth has the protection necessary to maintain a beautiful smile.


    In addition to helmets, pads, shin guards, and mouthguards, keep your child hydrated with plenty of water and don’t forget the sunscreen.  When your child is armed with the proper gear, you are setting them up for success.  They’ll be able to enjoy their activities safely and you’ll have peace of mind regarding their safety.  Learn more about our services by following us on Facebook and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.