• Complete And Partial Dentures

  • Missing teeth can not only disrupts your appearance, but your overall health as well. Whether you’re missing just one, a few, or all your teeth, Advanced Dental Associates of East Stroudsburg can help improve the look and health of your smile with complete or partial dentures.

    After you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth can begin to shift, potentially causing even more dental issues. A partial denture can prevent the rest of your teeth from moving.

    Complete dentures include an upper and lower artificial set of teeth to help aid in chewing and repair normal functions of your mouth.

    If you think complete or partial dentures are a good treatment option for you, come in and see us. Since there are several different kinds of dentures, we will go over each of them to help you choose the best possible one for your specific dental needs. Dentures will help restore the look and functionality of your smile.